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03 Dec

Meet the Artist- Special Social Event!

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Las Vegas visitors and locals have seen for themselves the magical fine art photography of William Carr. But what about his stories behind the art? Have you heard them?

In other words, have you glimpsed the behind-the-scenes art behind the art?

Join us on Sunday, December 17th to meet for yourself Las Vegas’ own William Carr, along with two of the gallery’s guest artists, Dana Kennedy and Jeff Vermeeren. Their art is their passion, and since they live that passion, they live imaginative, intriguing lives.

Discover these incredible stories for yourself:

How did William Carr feel when he knew he finally captured his 18-year quest of the natural phenomena “Firefall”? How did he learn to capture the crest of the wave so perfectly in his piece, Crescendo? Why did he feel inspired to photograph the 175-year old Japanese Maple in each of its seasons?

How did Dana Kennedy feel when that bull elephant began to charge her- and yet she knew to take the photograph anyway? What was she thinking when she gazed into the curious “Arresting Eyes” of a wild male lion and snapped the camera?

What inspires Jeff Vermeeren as he selects his illuminated colors for his beautiful abstract metal art? What comes first, the title of his artwork, or the artwork itself? They are so perfectly paired.

Come discover their fascinating experiences as they create the art you love so much. You’ll be inspired by the art we unveil, as well as the tales these artists provide on this special evening of December 17th.

Don’t miss this unforgettable event!

Sunday, December 17th, 2pm to 6pm
William Carr Gallery
Palazzo Shoppes
Complimentary Admission.


Meet the artists. Watch as they unveil their new exciting artwork.

Join us!

Original music by William Carr

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