William Carr


World Focus Images

The artistic temperament is one of wonder. There is an innate desire to create and a willingness to struggle for one’s craft.

It is not enough to be born and artist, for the artistic character is forged from the dual fires of struggle and persistence.

Once in a lifetime an Artist appears and amasses a body of work that captures the perfection of creation and the truth of beauty that resides in every rock, cloud and ray of light.

William’s artistic vantage displays an understated complexity within his visual composition. Each image commands attention with vivid secret views into places exotic and foreign. An innovative approach to the visual language of photography.

William Carr travels like a native through distant lands, understanding the eloquence and subtlety of different cultures and their relationship with the planet. “My greatest hope is to nourish a “World Focus” on the preservation and conservation of this miraculous place we call home”.

Completely self taught, William is one of the most Collected photographer in the world, with over 35 million images sold worldwide.


Original music by William Carr

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