Behind the Scenery: Bella Mattina, Venice


Aaaaah Venice, the magical “City of Romance” that has captivated artists and poets for centuries. Timelessly alluring, there’s no other place quite like it anywhere else across Europe. The city’s canals speak directly to the soul revealing countless tales of intrigue, but only if we pause and take the time to listen to the call. For this shot, the forces happened to align…and Venice’s whispering call was heard.

For weeks, I searched the maze-like streets in this “Queen” of cities, looking for a color, a shadow, a lonesome beam of light. I searched for weeks, to no avail.

Then one day, only when returned to this spot much later, I discovered the poetic scene above, a tableau I immediately recognized as pure, sublime magic. Ever so quietly so as not to disturb the morning’s peace, I set up my equipment. Holding my breath, I pressed the shutter, and subsequently captured a moment as eternal as the city herself.


Original music by William Carr

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