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23 Jan

Comments from the Collector’s Corner

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Mr. William Carr,

During the MLK weekend I had the opportunity to visit your gallery. I cannot begin to tell you how awe-inspiring your work is. I spent a very long time in the store and was amazed to find out that you were actually present amidst your work and talking to other admirers. Upon my return home, I immediately had to visit your website and learn more about you. I read your past blogs and realized that in June of 2011 you had asked for people to write in their personal experiences involving you or your work. So here I am, feeling the need to convey to you how your work, your passion, and your desire to give has more than inspired me. Aside from your beautifully captured work, I feel obligated to speak of the “behind the scenes” things that solidified my newly found admiration for you and your work. While in your gallery, I read the placard on the wall that described your desire for giving back to those who are less fortunate. I feel that this exemplifies that your passion is more than just photography itself, but helping people through your gifts. I was also amazed to see you there in your gallery, speaking freely with all those who entered. (I must admit I was a little intimidated to introduce myself, but I was also engrossed in your newly released book) I hope that you realize how important it makes one feel when they can come into your gallery, marvel at your work and then be able to meet you in person to get the background, history, or personal feel of what created it. It makes the experience so much more personal. Lastly, after reading your blog, I was much appreciative of how you have no regard for keeping your talents to yourself. You freely explain to aspiring artist on how to create a portfolio as well as explain how you are self-taught (with descriptions of your earlier work). To me, this is unheard of anymore. So often I find that artist want to keep their knowledge and experience to themselves, they don’t want others to master their techniques or worse, improve upon them. You have no issues helping others make something of their passions in fact you encourage it. You have inspired me to follow my heart, to always think of others before myself, and to continue on with my passions. Thank you for your work, but most of all thank you for what you stand for and what you represent. You are more than just an artist, you are a breath of fresh air.

Melissa Mondragon
Pacifica, California

Original music by William Carr

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